Posted on July 20, 2020 by nek0

Hi folks,

You might be wondering why there have not been any new updates. Long story short: I will be rebooting this comic.

I started drawing this comic more or less on a whim. I hoped I would figure all that out on the way as well as my drawing style, but I overestimated the effort and time needed for that.

The next best thing I can do is a reboot. I am learning how to structure a comic page properly and the whole design process behind it.

Currently I am drawing a very short non-episodic comic to learn this process, which will be released on in a few weeks.

For the time being there will be no new pages coming. I will keep the existing pages up and will archive them when the reboot starts.

Until we meet again, and thanks for all the fish.

– nek0

No updates due to reconstruction process.

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